Code of Conduct

Glengrove Public School is committed to maintaining a positive school environment.   All students are expected to uphold the values and expectations of our school’s code of conduct.

We promote the behaviours outlined in the School Code of Conduct.


  • follow school entry procedures and safe arrival routines
  • wear appropriate clothing for weather and appearance
  • follow school rules and routines
  • resist negative peer pressure
  • use appropriate language, gestures and behaviour at all times
  • be punctual for school and classes
  • accept direction and be attentive with all staff, volunteers and supervisors
  • accept consequences for your actions
  • know when to stop
  • maintain a positive attitude


  • play safe and fair
  • be violence, bully and harassment free
  • report unsafe situations to the office or staff
  • follow allergy notices
  • follow our "hands off"  policy
  • value others opinions
  • accept differences
  • honour personal space
  • recognize and understand that swearing, mocking, threatening, bullying, cyber bullying, using sexist or racist language is unacceptable
  • be polite and helpful to all school visitors
  • know and follow school rules and routines
  • resolve conflicts peacefully
  • manage your anger/emotions
  • accept consequences for your actions
  • speak politely and respectfully


  • come to class prepared to learn
  • accept and follow directions from all staff
  • ask for help appropriately
  • support a positive learning environment
  • complete all work as assigned on time
  • participate actively and properly in class
  • strive to do your best
  • attempt new tasks


  • report vandalism, threats or other criminal offences
  • resist negative peer pressure
  • follow digital citizenship guidelines
  • students are responsible for their own personal devices and property
  • support ECO initiatives
  • take pride in our school, classroom and grounds -do not litter
  • eat only in designated areas
  • use personal technology devices appropriately
  • return all books and school materials in good condition
  • treat personal items of others with respect and care


Students are expected to dress in clean, neat, and practical clothing appropriate for the learning environment. Good judgment is the criteria for acceptable dress, especially during warm weather months.

  • Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length when your child's hands are held at the side.
  • No offensive language or offensive logos on clothing or hats.
  • Hats, hoods and sunglasses should be removed when entering the building. We ask that visitors follow this rule as well.
  • Outside shoes are not to be worn in the classroom and are to be left neatly in the hallway.
  • Indoor running shoes are to be worn in the classroom and gym.
  • Items left at school should be marked with a form of identification.
  • Basketball style tops must be worn with a t-shirt/undershirt underneath.
  • All shirts must have shoulder straps two fingers wide (Grades 4-8).
  • Stomach and backs should always be covered. Tops must cover waistband bottoms. Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Jewellery should not be worn during physical-education classes or during team sporting events.

Students wearing inappropriate clothes will be asked to change and/or have their parents contacted so as to provide a change of clothing.

Code of Conduct